Many people plan to work well beyond traditional retirement age.  Some may stay in a current position, while others may change companies or strike out on their own.

The reasons for continuing to working are many.  Often it is financial, with the person needing to continue working to meet expenses.  Employers often provide insurance and other costly benefits that people need and find attractive.

For others it is to have something to do.  They may want a change of focus, reduced hours, less responsibility, and are willing to take less pay in order to stay active, interface with people, and keep engaged in community.

Some may view leaving their long-time job or business as an opportunity to try something new, pursuing and achieving a life list dream.  With lower expenses due to the kids having  moved out, no commuting costs, the mortgage paid off, coupled with a base level of income coming in from Social Security, retirement plans, investments, and other sources of income, starting a business or working for someone else in a new field may be feasible now when it was not before.

Launching Your Own Business

If you are in this latter category, you may now have the opportunity to put a passion or skill to work in a job that that does not seem like work at all.  You can earn money doing something you love, or in which you have always had an interest or curiosity.

Changes may require setting up and equipping an office in the home, gaining some new knowledge through training, specialized clothing or equipment, or any number of other things.   It is best to start planning and putting pieces in place well before you intend to make the changes.’

Table of Sample Business and Career Goal Ideas

The table below provides some example goal ideas.  Each major goal may require completion of related sub-goals.

Learn or Improve Your Technical Skills
Take a Job in a Brand New Industry or Profession
Become a Public Speaker
Complete relevant continuing professional education courses offered  for your industry or profession Identify a different industry or job in which you have an interest, do background research, make a plan for moving, and execute the plan Take courses to improve your public speaking capabilities and style
Learn how to code in a language widely used in your industry or area of specialization Obtain requisite technical training to move to a new industry or profession Join clubs and organizations specifically focused on aiding speakers, such as Toastmasters International
Take technical training course for software or equipment used in you field Take necessary examinations to qualify to work in a new industry or profession Prepare a speaker’s credentials package to provide to potential speaking venues
Begin routine of actively reading industry, trade group, and/or professional publications and blogs dealing with technical matters in your field Identify and learn about companies in the industry or profession to which you would like to move Join organizations and clubs for whom you may be able to speak at meetings or events
Attend at least two industry conferences in your industry or profession each year Take a starting position from which you can learn and advance in a desired industry or profession Research and prepare several speech and presentation templates on topics for which you are representing yourself as an expert.
Work to Improve Your Communication Skills
Establish Yourself as an Expert
Write Articles or Blog Posts
Learn Spanish, or Chinese, or another language spoken by major customers or vendors with whom you deal Take requisite classes of continuing professional education requirements to be considered an expert Write and submit articles to your company and/or industry publications
Learn how to create and manage a website Complete the requisite number of hours of on the job or industry experience to qualify as an expert Create a blog website and actively maintain it
Create short videos in which you provide information and/or explanations and post them on company or social media sites Join primary organizations serving your business, industry, or profession, and take an active role Compile and post thoughtful comments to established blog sites maintained by others
Take courses focused on active listening skills Study for and take requisite exams to obtain relevant expert certification from industry or oversight body Prepare and circulate white papers on topics on which you are an expert
Participate in courses, seminars and organizations offering communications training and practice Actively take necessary steps to maintain your credentials and expert certification Write reviews of books, articles, whitepapers, and posts of others
Learn or Improve Your Negotiation Skills
Start on Online Business
Take on a Board or Oversight Role
Read and listen to a target number of courses on negotiations Determine the type of business that you want to operate online Become a board member for a condominium association, local historical society, or other organization
Study and learn the key factors driving negotiations in your field Set up a legal entity, get a FEIN, and set up and fund company bank accounts,. Identify organizations devoted to sourcing corporate board members for organizations, and work with them to begin presenting yourself for consideration
Read and study case studies of other negotiations that have gone on in your industry, profession, or organization Obtain a URL and build a website Work your network of contacts to identify potential board or oversight positions of interest for which you may be qualified
Take courses in psychology Establish a plan and actively market a website Join charity organizations which may give you opportunities for board positions
Actively seek to participate in negotiations to gain experience and watch others in action Track activity and tweak the website to obtain and grow sales Run for a school board or other elected board position

Sampling of Representative Products to Help Achieve Business and Career Goals

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