Assisted living is the term used to describe housing for elderly or disabled people that provides various levels of on-site assistance with Basic Activities of Daily Living and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living.

Many people reach a point in life where they need day-to-day assistance to perform certain tasks. They may also need ongoing professional health care.

Some can manage to have full-time assistance in their homes, often provided by family members, or full-time home care aides and home healthcare professionals. But many need to consider moving to a assisted living facility where they can receive required care and assistance, 24 hours per day if necessary.

The two primary assisted living options are assisted living facilities and (smaller) care homes. Each is designed for seniors who are no longer able to safely live on their own but do not require the high level of care provided in a skilled nursing facility.

One of the assisted living options discussed in this section may be the best housing choice for you if you need more personal care services than are available to you under independent living or congregate care options.