As we age, our skin loses moisture and we become more susceptible to wounds.  Drinking plenty of fluids can help counteract this.  Nonetheless, wounds will happen, and need to be cared for properly.

The table below shows the most common types of wounds encountered.

Type of Wound


Abrasion Injury in which the skin is scraped off due to rubbing against a rough surface
Avulsion Serious injury in which the skin is torn from the tissues beneath it
Burn Damage to tissue caused by exposure to heat, chemicals, or electricity
Contusion Bruise
Incision Clean cut in skin caused by sharp object. An incistion is generally wider than it is deep
Laceration Injury caused by tissue tearing
Penetrating Wound that extends into an internal organ or body cavity
Puncture Hole in tissue created when a sharp, slender object penetrates the skin and possibly the underlying tissues, depending on the length of the object. A puncture wound is generally deeper than it is wide
Skin ulcer Chronic cavitary skin sore

Some Wounds May Require Professional Medical Care

Superficial skin wounds usually heal within five to ten days, aided by simple cleaning and first aid measures. Certain wounds, however, require evaluation and treatment by a medical professional.

Examples of wounds that may warrant professional medical evaluation include:

  • deep puncture wounds or bites.
  • a cut that is large, deep or gaping, or contains debris you cannot rinse away with water.
  • Injuries that continue to bleed after five to ten minutes of firm pressure
  • Skin wounds resulting from substantial trauma
  • Wounds accompanied by loss of feeling or function in the involved area
  • Wounds that could be infected:
    • Draining pus
    • Expanding redness around a wound,
    • Accompanied by an onset of fever

Home Care Aide Wound Care Assistance

Home care aides can assist in wound care.  Some of the tasks they can perform include the following:

  • Washing hands and putting on gloves
  • Removing old gauze wraps and gauze pads or bandages and putting in plastic zip bag
  • Cleaning off wound area
  • Applying Vaseline or ointment to new gauze pad or bandage
  • Applying new gauze pad or bandage to wound
  • Wrapping new gauze pad or bandage with gauze wrap
  • Tying off or taping shut gauze wrap
  • Disposing of old gauze and bandage materials

Help for Family Caregivers

AARP’s Home Alone Alliancesm has created a “How-To” videos and resource guides for family caregivers on specific tasks. You can find their video for Wound Care by clicking the links below.

This video series seeks to provide family caregivers with an overview of managing care given to seniors. It was developed by Alliance members—the AARP Public Policy Institute and the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC, Davis.

AARP Wound Care Video

This video series—available in English and Spanish, seeks to provide family caregivers performing wound care tasks with simple, concrete instruction on a variety of topics. It was developed by Alliance members—the AARP Public Policy Institute and the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC, Davis.

In English

In Spanish


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Reinhard, Susan. Latest How-To Videos for Family Caregivers Provide Guidance on Complex Medical Tasks. aarp.org . AARP Pubic Policy Institute. 16 Sep 2019. Web. 3 Feb 2020.

Sampling of Wound Care Products

Below is a sampling of wound care products and equipment that are used in providing meal preparation and eating services. Click on the links to find out more information, see other products selections, and if you like, to make a purchase from one of our providers.

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Care Touch Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads, Medium 2-Ply – 400 Alcohol Wipes

  • *STERILE - Each alcohol prep pad is individually wrapped an sealed to keep it sterile
  • *FOUR LAYER WRAPPER- The 4 layer wrap rovides an air tight seal which prevents leakage and drying out
  • *70% SATURATED - Saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol for optimum anti-bacterial action
  • *ANTISEPTIC - Use this as an antiseptic for preparation of skin prior to injecton

Curad Sterile Non-Adherent Pads (Pack of 100) for gentle wound dressing and absorption without sticking

  • This sterile, absorbent rayon/polyester pad will not interfere with granulating tissue by sticking to the wound
  • The soft perforated film allows air to circulate and the absorbent pad allows the fluid to collect
  • It can easily be cut to fit any shape without separating

D&H Medical 24 Bulk Pack Gauze Stretch Bandage Roll, 4 Inch X 4 Yards FDA Approved, Used for Wound Care, Easy to Use Cotton Ply Rolled Hand Wrap Dressing Ankles & Knees. Add to First Aid Supplies.

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Medline Skin integrity Wound Cleansers, 16 fl oz.

  • Wound cleanser is specially formulated to allow for fast, thorough, and gentle cleaning of wounds in all stages.
  • Order Quantity: 1 EA Packaging: 1 EA/EA
  • Integrity
  • 16 Fluid Ounces

ProCure Disposable Nitrile Gloves – 400 Count, Large – Powder Free, Rubber Latex Free, Medical Exam Grade, Non Sterile, Ambidextrous – Soft with Textured Tips – Cool Blue

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  • TEXTURED FINGERTIPS: When procedures get messy, holding on to equipment can be difficult – these food safe gloves come with textured fingertips providing maximum gripping power for wet and dry objects.
  • MEDICAL, FOOD & HOME USE: These exam gloves can be used in many settings, medical & dental offices, scientific labs & warehouses, restaurants & food prep, home cleaning, beauty salons & many more!
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