The creative mind is our most distinguishing feature. Creativity can be expressed in a multitude of ways. Just a few of the many ways include:

  • Written and spoken word
  • Music, songs, and dance
  • Film and stage
  • Paintings, sculptures, and design
  • Architecture and engineering
  • Science, mathematics, and predictive modeling
  • Medicine and healing
  • Crafts of all sorts
  • Food and food preparation
  • Beverages and beverage making
  • Customs and spiritual beliefs
  • Puzzles and codes

It is vitally import to have creative goals and continually engage in creative activities. In this age of personal electronic devices, it has become too easy to allow our minds to numb with the continuous input of data feeds and other peoples’ opinions and analysis. We are living longer and need to keep our minds active.

Include several creative goals on your life life that you strive to accomplish and then continuously replace with new ones.

Table of Sample Creative Goals

Write poetry Rebuild a car engine Become a greeting card designer and author
Compose hand-written letters to all the people you love Learn how to repair mechanical clocks and watches Design and sew quilts
Write a book or series of books Build a working drone that flies Create fancy hats
Create a screen play Collect and repair old pinball machines Make  up and print slogan tee shirts
Help someone to edit a work they have created Custom build motorcycles Design websites
Write the music for a song Become a ham radio operator Throw a new year’s eve party with custom designed party favors
Create the lyrics for a song Create a circuit board design Make fancy hor d’ourves for a Super Bowl party
Learn to play an instrument in an original style Hang a beautiful light display for the holidays Help plan the reception for your daughter’s wedding
Play an instrument in a marching band in a local parade Write an app for your phone Create a theme birthday party for your grandchild
Join a band and play at clubs Create a You Tube channel and post videos Plan and put together a picnic feast for a Fourth of July party
Build a giant model railroad village Create a rock garden Become a story teller
Design and sew your own clothes Plant a massive rose garden with decorative fountain and topiary Create your own radio show
Make and sell crafts at a flea market Grow vegetables for all your fresh meal and canning needs Be an online book reviewer for Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and/or other companies
Put together plastic model car and airplane kits Create a lily pond and plant bonsai trees around it Be a face painter at carnivals
Crochet an afghan Fill your yard with fruit and nut trees Learn to do card tricks

Sampling of Representative Products to Help You Achieve Your Creative Goals

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