As long as you are learning you are living. Throughout our lives we have had to learn what others had on their agendas to teach us, starting at home with our families, and later in grade schools, junior and senior highs. We selected post-secondary classes in technical schools, colleges, and universities, but had to learn the items the teacher decided to put on the tests. Our private, government, and military employers similarly taught us what was necessary to do the job.

On the journey, we were able to learn many things not required of us, but for which we developed an interest. We were constrained, however, by demands of job and family, which often limited time we could devote to learning what we wanted.

Now is the time to direct and focus your learning to areas you have always wanted to cover. It could be a foreign language, or how to paint, or sing, or play an instrument. It could be how to effectively speak in front of groups, or make wine, or ballroom dance.

Table of Sample Education and Learning Goals

The table below provides some ideas to get you started.

Communication Skills
History  and Culture

Artistic Skills

Learn a foreign language Visit historical battle fields Become skilled in playing an instrument
Join Toastmasters Travel to famous cities Learn art skills in different mediums – oils, water color, clay, bronze, etc.
Run for office Explore national monuments Become adept at creating pottery
Join a poetry reading club Visit capitals of countries or states Study glass blowing
Take a class in auctioneering Take courses in the history of a country, area of the world, or a specific time period Learn blacksmithing skills
Spirits, Wine, and Beer
Astronomy -Get a telescope and learn about planets and stars Learn about holistic treatments Become a maker of craft beers
Biology – Experiment with creating hybrids of your favorite plants Take a course in Latin to better understand medical terms Learn how to make wine and do so
Chemistry – Become a master of the Period Table of the Elements Become adept at meditation Master bartending skills and the knowledge of drinks and liquors
Physics –  Gain a basic or advanced understanding of quantum physics, string theory, or some other area of study Study energy healing techniques Learn how to make moonshine
Work to reduce pollution and help promote environmental sustainability projects Become a volunteer at a medical or veterinary facility Become an expert in scotch whiskeys
Self-Defense and Weaponry
Art History
Food and Cooking
Learn how to skeet shoot Take a world tour of top art museums Learn basic farming skills
Take courses in a martial art Enroll in courses in art history Take culinary courses
Join a boxing gym Volunteer or get a job at an art museum and become expert in its collections Learn how to prepare a given type of ethnic cuisine
Develop expertise at a range or course in using a weapon of your choice Become an expert in a given style or period of art Start growing your own herbs
Study the evolution of weapons through the ages Pick a favorite artist and become an expert in their works and life story Plant and maintain fruit trees from which you harvest

What it is does not matter, except of course to you. Now is the time to set your sights, take the time, and apply the effort. And learn.

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