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It is important for a person to maintain good grooming and hygiene as they age. The duties of many home care aides include assisting with grooming and hygiene tasks.

Grooming impacts health, appearance, social interactions, and feelings of self-worth.

Hygiene impacts physical health. Poor hygiene can result in illness, odors, uncomfortable infections, and skin complaints.

Home Care Aides assisting with grooming and hygiene for seniors generally focus on the following areas:

  1. Hair care – cutting, washing, brushing, combing
  2. Nail care – cutting, trimming,  filing, cleaning
  3. Skin care – eating properly, cleaning moisturizing, sore care
  4. Shaving – reaching and shaving where necessary, cleaning up
  5. Dressing – selecting clothes, putting on and taking off clothes, buttoning, zipping, clasping, and tying
  1. Hands hygiene – washing hands
  2. Nail hygiene – cleaning under nails
  3. Bathing and showering – washing and rinsing
  4. Incontinence hygiene – regularly removing soiled shields, pads, and undergarments, properly disposing of items or putting them in the wash, cleaning genital areas, putting on new clean shields, pad, and/or undergarment, and washing hands thoroughly afterwards.
  5. Toilet hygiene – Wiping after toileting, washing hands and soiled body parts and clothing, properly disposing of pads and paper
  6. Mouth care (teeth and gums) – brushing teeth, flossing
  7. Sickness hygiene – covering mouth, washing hands, wiping surfaces, not sharing utensils, disposing of soiled tissues

Many people face physical limitations with age. Overcoming those limitations takes on certain importance in maintaining independence, and some may need to rely on others for their basic needs.

With grooming and hygiene, having the right knowledge, equipment, and products can be the primary determinant of this independence. Often it can be the difference between the seniors being able to take care of themselves and needing to rely on others.

There are many affordable, products and easy-to-use pieces of equipment available today to help overcome a variety of physical limitations in addressing grooming and hygiene needs. Using them while assisting with grooming and hygiene tasks can make things easier.

Assistance from Home Care Aides

The National Caregivers Library offers many great tips for caregivers to assist with grooming and personal hygiene.  Click the link shown for more information on some of the topics summarized below.


Hair Care Tips
  • Keep hair short and in an easy-care style.
  • Wash hair in the kitchen sink if the tub or shower is too difficult.
  • Consider using one of the dry shampoo products found in drug stores if hair washing is impossible.
  • If hair must be washed in bed, you can make a simple device to catch the water by making a U-shaped towel pad and putting it inside a large plastic bag. Place the open end of the U over the edge of the bed where it can drain into a bucket
 Skin Care

People who are ill or who must stay in bed or in a wheelchair are at risk for pressure ulcers, sometimes called bed sores. Pressure ulcers are a serious problem, but in most cases they can be prevented by following the steps listed here.

  • Make sure the person is eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of fluids. Well-nourished skin is healthier and less likely to break down.
  • Keep the skin clean and dry.
  • Clean off urine or feces immediately with soap and water. Wear disposable latex gloves.
  • Use disposable bed pads to keep the linen dry, if the person is incontinent. If eligible for Medicaid, Medicaid will pay for incontinence supplies; ask the person’s physician for a prescription. Be sure the pharmacy you use will accept Medicaid payment for supplies.
  • Check the skin regularly for red areas. Make this a routine part of bath time.
  • Every 2 hours change the position of a person who is bed or wheelchair-bound.
  • Avoid dragging the person when you move them in bed. Friction can cause skin breakdown.
  • Apply lotion to dry skin regularly (except between the toes where it can cause fungal growth.) Give a light massage while rubbing in the lotion.
  • If eligible for Medicaid, Medicaid may cover the cost of appliances with a doctor’s prescription. Be sure to ask.
  • Use an electric shaver when shaving another person; it is safer and easier.
  • Put dentures in the person’s mouth before shaving him.
  • Have him in a sitting position if possible.
  • Be flexible. Wearing a bra or pantyhose may not be important to her, especially if it is an added hassle.
  • Allow enough time for the person to do as much as they can for themselves. If they can put clothing on but only need help for buttons or shoes, give them time to do it.
  • Let the person choose what to wear. You can lay out two choices to simplify this for someone who is confused.
  • Be sure shoes or slippers are well-fitting and do not have gum soles, which can cause people to trip.
  • Consider easy-to-use clothes with large front fasteners (zippers or Velcro,) elastic waistbands and slip-on shoes. This type of clothing is available through health product catalogs.
  • To minimize the stress on a person’s weak side, put the painful or weak arm into a shirt, pullover or jacket before the strong arm. When taking them off, take out the strong arm first.


General Tips For Bathing

Encourage the person to bath themselves as much as possible.

  • If bathing is difficult, do it only as often as necessary.
  • Most people do not need a daily bath. Do make sure that the hands, face, and genital area are washed every day.
  • Have supplies ready before starting a bath.
  • Keep the room comfortably warm.
  • Respect the person’s privacy. Keep them covered when possible.
  • Wear latex gloves any time that you may come into contact with bodily fluids or feces.

If The Person Is Able To Get Into A Tub Or Shower:

  • Install grab bars.
  • Use a non-slip bath mat.
  • Ask them to sit on the edge of the tub. Then put both of their legs into the tub prior to standing up.
  • Reverse the process when they are getting out.

If The Person Can’t Sit Down Into The Tub:

  • Obtain a tub bench.
  • Install a hand-held shower attachment.

Bed Baths

If the person is bed or wheelchair-bound, a bed bath may be the best option. Some home care aides perform this function, and can teach the senior or another caregiver how to do it.

Medicare or Medicaid may cover the costs of help with bed baths. Ask the doctor about this.

Mouth Care
  • Clean teeth at least once a day.
  • Check dentures regularly for cracks.
  • Remove dentures for cleaning and store in liquid when out of the mouth.
  • Have dentures checked if they aren’t fitting properly (a common cause of eating problems).

Below is a sampling of products and equipment that are designed to help you to complete grooming and personal hygiene tasks for a longer period of time. Click on the links to find out more information, see other products selections, and if you like, to make a purchase from one of our providers.


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16 Bamboo Organic Reusable Makeup Remover Pads | Washable and Eco-Friendly | 2 Makeup Flawless Blending Sponge | Soft, Latex Free | 1 Cotton Laundry Bag | For All Skin Types

  • Professional Combination Set: Beauty makeup blender sponge gives you a perfect makeup application, avoid the waste of cosmetics;Bamboo cotton rounds, It removes 100% of your make-up away with your favorite toner;Machine washable cotton laundry bag
  • What theme you are most caring about? : If you ask a girl, what ever she is 20,30,40…80 old, absolutely beauty.everyday, they spend many time on make up and many different materials makeups. so how to be the best to her? Let's go for the Non-Latex Makeup Sponges & Reusable Cotton Rounds.
  • Non-Latex Makeup Sponges: Double size after getting wet, softer and easier to makeup.
  • Dry or Wet Use Make up sponges: For all kinds of cosmetics, foundation, BB cream, powder, concealer, isolation, liquid etc.
  • Reusable bamboo cotton rounds: 100% nature organic materials, suitable for all skin types. dry, sensitive or oil skin even on sensitive eyes or irritated skin, do not hesitate to use it, as the pad is soft and skin friendly . Attached laundry bag make these makeup remover pads washing easy. Machine Washable ! Durable!

3-Pack Men’s Maximum Absorbency Washable Reusable Bladder Control Briefs Grey 3X (Waist 46-48)

  • Pack of three Briefs.
  • Maximum absorbency - Holds up to 20 ounces of liquid. Suitable for moderate to heavy incontinence. Not for severe or total incontinence.
  • Functioning Fly.
  • 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester Body. 85% Rayon, 15%Polyester Pad. 100% Polyester Liner.
  • Model# HDM200-3-Pack

33″ Long Dressing Stick with Shoe Horn with Sock Removal Tool, Adjustable Extended Dressing Aids for Shoes, Socks, Shirts and Pants

  • Multi-function - Medical Supply Dressing Stick with Shoe Horn with Sock and shoe Remover Tool;Extended Reach Assist.Extendable dressing aid with shoe horn makes getting dressed easier from head to toe. Shoe horn on one end helps guide your heel into shoes, boots and slippers, saving you from bending and reaching. Opposite end features dressing hooks that help you pull on socks, shoes, pants and tops without straining.Easy-to-use sock assist tool makes dressing easier. Versatile design is ideal for
  • Easily detaches for travel - Uniquely Design Separating into three short pieces;33inch Long enough; the detachable shoe horn easily fits in a handbag, carry on or tote for use while traveling and for compact storage.
  • Durable Construction - Sturdy fiber-reinforced ABS plastic, the JJDPARTS detachable shoe horn is exceptionally durable and easy to clean. Each edge has a smooth rounded finish to prevent snags and tears in socks and to prevent scuffed shoes.
  • Ideal For - Dressing sticks are often recommended by therapists and other health care professionals for users who have difficulty reaching, limited mobility. This simple tool can make life a little easier when it comes to dressing. The Dressing Stick helps users with arthritis to perform a variety of tasks.
  • Lifetime Guarantee - Lifetime guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence

Abena Abri-Form Comfort Briefs, Medium, M4, 14 Count

  • The Abena Abri-Form Comfort size M4 fits hips 27.5"-43"; Absorbs up to 122 fl oz
  • Optimal leakage protection provided by plastic-backing and soft, reliable leakage barriers extended right to the edge
  • High quality hook and loop tapes for optimal fit and easy repositioning
  • Unique Top Dry system providing a dry surface and rapid absorption
  • Excellent absorption provided by long cellulose fibres, super-absorbents and an additional core in the centre

Always Discreet Incontinence Pads for Women, Maximum Absorbency, Long Length, 39 Count – Pack of 3 (117 Total Count) (Packaging May Vary)

  • Always Discreet pads - absorb 4X more than period sanitary pads of similar size
  • Absorbent incontinence pads for women that always ship discreetly
  • Experience incredible bladder protection in a surprisingly thin incontinence pad
  • RapidDry core turns liquid to gel to help lock away bladder leaks and odors in seconds.Lightly-scented with exclusive OdorLock Technology to neutralize odors, getting you through the day with poise
  • Double LeakGuards keep wetness away from the edges for secure protection

American Standard Wheelchair Users Wall Hung Bathroom Sink in White with 4 in. Faucet Hole

  • Wall-mounted sink
  • Sink arranged for concealed arm carrier by others
  • Front overflow
  • Pre-drilled with 3 faucet holes for 4 in. center-set faucets
  • Limited lifetime warranty

BodyHealt Urinary Drainage Bag with Anti-Reflux Chamber, 2000 mL Vinyl with 48″ Drainage (5 Pack)

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. This drainage bag is crafted using vinyl construction to provide strength and durability for both odor containment and leak resistance. Natural rubber latex is not used to eliminate the risk of injuries and allergic reactions.
  • EASY TO USE. There is a clothing clamp on the tube so you can conveniently attach to patient’s clothing and make sure that the tube doesn’t get twisted or dragged on the floor. The drainage bag also features an easily accessible sample port and features measurement markings to allow for easy determination of urinary output.
  • SANITARY DESIGN. A 48-inch drainage tube provides quick drainage while also eliminating a standing column of urine. Additionally, there is an anti-reflux chamber to reduce gross reflux and backflow.
  • VERSATILE USE. Ideal for non-ambulatory individuals, hospitalized patients and those who require incontinence care while sleeping, this bag features a 2000-ml volume so you can leave unattended for hours before it needs to be drained. The handle/hanger fits securely onto a bedrail or wheelchair for added convenience.
  • AMPLE SUPPLY. To meet your needs, this urinary drainage bag is sold in a convenient, 20-count package. Each bag is a one-time use only for sanitation purposes and should be discarded when through.

Companion Massage Walk In Tub 60″ x 30″

  • Acrylic
  • Imported
  • Measures 30” wide x 60” long x 38” high with two 20” seats facing each other
  • Gloss finish easy to clean white acrylic shell reinforced with fiberglass gel coat
  • Low step-in threshold, deck mount grab bar and slip resistant floor to enhance the safety of the bathers
  • Two of 2″ drains with overflows and two independently operated drain openers with easy grip extended handles
  • 15 Air therapy system has a 3-speed air flow push control system and auto-purge that removes residual water from the pipes
  • 18 Jet Hydrotherapy System has an intensity control dial, in-line water heater and ozone sterilization. Delivers therapeutic massage to the lower back, hips, legs and feet
  • In-line water heater helps to maintain the consistent water temperature when hydro jets are in use
  • Ozone sterilization eliminates a wide variety of microbiological bacteria, and prevents mold and mildew build-up
  • Thermostat control valve, blends hot water with cold water to ensure constant, safe bath outlet temperatures, preventing scalding

Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Men, Maximum Absorbency, Disposable, Large, Grey, 52 Count

  • Incontinence underwear with maximum absorbency, odor control and soft, flexible fabric is Your Best Comfort and Protection Guaranteed*
  • Material absorbs immediately, keeping you dry and protected from bladder leaks so you can go about your day, worry-free
  • Form-fitting elastic strands for a smooth, discreet fit under clothes that are flexible to move with you, unlike bulky adult diapers
  • SureFit waistband for a comfortable, underwear-like fit
  • Depend adult incontinence products always ship in a discreet box; FSA-eligible in the U.S.; Packaging may vary from image shown

Depend Incontinence Shields for Men, Light Absorbency, (Packaging May Vary) by Depend

  • Depend Shields Incontinence Pads for Men with light absorbency for drips and dribbles of wetness
  • Ultra-thin and absorbent pads, shaped to fit a man's body
  • Disposable incontinence pads with a strong adhesive backing that locks into place in briefs or boxer briefs
  • Bladder leakage protection with worry-free odor control that's individually wrapped in a pocket-sized, discreet-to-carry grey pouch
  • Masculine-looking pads designed to fit a man's body and are FSA-eligible in the US only - packaging may vary in your orde

EazyHold Silicone Adaptive Aid (12 Years to Adults) for individuals with Limited Hand Mobility, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke. Perfect for occupational therapy or physical therapy use (Lavender – 5 1/4″- 2 P

  • VERSATILE ADAPTIVE AID - Gives individuals independence for Writing, Eating, Grooming, Personal Care (Toothbrush, Hair Brush) , Daily Living and SImple Chores
  • EXTRA SENSORY- Puts the tool in hand or limb and against the skin for better perception of the weight, vibration, temperature and texture of the object
  • COMFORTABLE FIT - Made of soft strechy silicone which warms to skin temperature and does not need to be tight on the hand to support the item.
  • MANY SIZES - EazyHold comes in 8 different sizes to fit infants, toddlers, teens, children and adults hands or limbs.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Wash with soap and water, the dish washer basket or in an autoclave. Will not degrade with repeated use of hospital disinfectant wipes.

EMPOWER YOUR CHANGE Ostomy Shower Guard Size: S, M, L, XL & Custom-Size

  • The Ostomy Shower Guard will prevent 98% of the ostomy bag, the skin barrier from getting soaking wet, by encasing the ostomy bag and covering the middle abdominal to the pelvis region.
  • The Ostomy Shower Guard designed as a unisex product, made of durable TPU material.
  • There is an open pouch in the middle, where you place your ostomy bag inside the shower guard, to prevent from getting soaking wet.
  • It’s recommended to double strap around the abdominal to become more water resistant.
  • X-Large size 47-61 inches. If around your abdominal past 61 inches, then purchase the custom-size and send us your measurements.

GenieBidet [ELONGATED] Seat-Self Cleaning Dual Nozzles. Rear & Feminine Cleaning – No wiring required. Simple 20-45 minute installation or less. Hybrid T with ON/OFF Included!

  • NOTE: Please View The Images To The Left to Determine The Best Fit. Only Fits ELONGATED Toilet Models.
  • ADJUSTABLE Soft To Strong Spray. Separate Nozzles For Feminine & Rear Cleansing & Soft Close Seat!
  • DUAL Retractable Self Cleaning Nozzles With Rear Cleaning & Feminine Cleaning.
  • INCLUDES OUR Best Selling Hybrid T-Connector W/ Pressure Control & Shut-off
  • USA BASED Customer Support/Shipping/ With a ONE YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY.

Healthy Spirit Disposable Washcloths 250 Count – Adult Wipes Extra Large, Adult Wipes for Incontinence & Cleansing, 8″x12″, 250 Count, White

  • Disposable wash clothes for adults with Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera. Latex free, Alcohol free and Ph balanced.
  • Extra thick and oversized 8 x 12 inches. Ideal wipes for adults.
  • Extra large adult body wipes are ideal for incontinence, bathing and cleansing
  • Dispenser pack keeps these disposable washcloths for adults moist and allows for easy access.
  • Aloe wipes for adults and seniors
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