Occasionally we will see some financial “guru” telling us that most people are too busy earning a living to make any real money. While that may be true, many do not view making real money as being the end all, be all, and consider leading a balanced life, simple life, and/or spiritual life to be of equal or greater value.

Financial goals take many forms. They make involve having enough money to last you and your spouse or partner as long as you live, plus having additional amounts to accomplish other items on your life list. They may include having enough insurance to cover emergency medical and other expenses. You may also want enough extra cash to distribute to loved ones, charities, and other causes along the way and when you die. Or you may have really big goals, involving the need to accumulate huge sums in order to accomplish.

Making, accumulating, investing, and holding on to money are four related by distinctly different skill sets. It is rare that one individual has the ability to excel at all four. Often good training, advice, and tools are needed to help you accomplish each and all.

Your life list goals may include some big purchases or gifts. You may want to endow a chair at a college, or put a bench in a local park. You may want to set up a trust for a grandchild, or buy them a bike. Your goals are your own, based on your resources and desires. The important thing is to both have and work towards those goals, so they are, in fact, accomplished.

Below is a sampling of products, services and equipment to help you achieve your financial go. Click on the links to find out more information, see other products selections, and if you like, to make a purchase from one of our providers.

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Quicken Premier Personal Finance – (Windows/Mac Disc) – 14-Month Subscription 2020 + TurboTax Premier + State 2019 Tax Software [Amazon Exclusive] [PC Download]

  • Includes everything in Quicken Deluxe Plus many more investing features
  • Simplify your taxes and investments
  • Pay any bill directly in Quicken for free, Plus priority access to Official Quicken customer support (a $49 value)
  • TurboTax Premier + State is recommended if you sold stocks, bonds, mutual funds or options for an employee stock purchase plan, own rental property or you are the beneficiary of an estate or trust (received a K 1 form)
  • With Premier, retirement tax help and the IRA tool show you how to get more money back this year and when you retire. Keep more of your investment and rental income. Get your taxes done right and tailored to you, based on your unique situation.
  • MAXIMUM TAX REFUND - Searches for more than 350+ tax deductions and credits, including mortgage interest, property taxes and energy-efficient improvements, to get you everything you deserve