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Pevor Urinary Drainage Bag Urine Collection Bag with Anti-Reflux Chamber Medical Drain Bag 48″ Drainage Tub, 2000ml (Pack of 5)

  • Urinary Drainage Bag -2000 mL Urinary Drainage Bag, Vented Anti-Reflux Chamber, 48 Inch Drainage Tube. Durable construction for odor containment and leak resistance
  • Clothing Clamp and Anti-reflux Chamber -Clothing Clamp, you can conveniently attach to patient’s clothing or on the sheet and make sure that the tube doesn’t get twisted or dragged on the floor. Additionally, there is an anti-reflux chamber to reduce gross reflux and backflow
  • Multipurpose Bag - Ideal for non-ambulatory individuals, hospitalized patients and those who require incontinence care while sleeping, this bag features a 2000-ml volume so you can leave unattended for hours before it needs to be drained. Equipped with hooks for easy suspension. The handle/hanger fits securely onto a bedrail or wheelchair for added convenience
  • Pack of 5 - Convenient independent packaging design can reduce pollution. Total 5 Pcs per package. We suggest each bag is a one-time use only for sanitation purposes and should be discarded when through.
  • Warm Tip - The drainage bag, when used daily, should last not more than one month. Discard and replace bags earlier if they become discolored, brittle or if they smell even after cleaning.