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Prevail Extra Absorbency Incontinence Belted Shields 120 Total Count Breathable Rapid Absorption Discreet Comfort Fit Adult Shield with Reusable Strap

  • SNUG & SECURE FIT: Ideal for light to moderate bladder leakage, Prevail Belted Shields stay securely in place with reinforced buttonholes & reusable straps. The button & strap system provides a snug & secure fit for confident wear with reduced irritation
  • ABSORBENT COMFORT: Wetness is absorbed quickly for comfort and reduced skin irritation, and a cloth-like stay-dry outer fabric is soft against the skin & helps reduce the risk of irritation. An absorbent moisture barrier prevents leaks and reduces noise
  • Bladder leakage & incontinence can affect anyone at different stages in life for a number of reasons. From underwear to pads to briefs to underpads & bed pads to belted shields, Prevail offers reliable, discreet, and comfortable bladder leakage products
  • COMFORT & INNOVATION: You can't provide the best care without using the best technology. That's why we spent decades working with healthcare professionals & users to develop innovations that offer exceptional comfort, absorbency, skin health & discretion
  • Prevail is a leader in advancing new technologies for greater protection, comfort, and skin health and wellness. Our commitment to quality & innovation is evident in every product we make. Compare our superior comfort to similar products by Poise Pads, Always Discreet, Depends, Tena, Chux or Medline.