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WIESNER Incontinence Clamp Penile Clamp – 3 Sizes Included – Comfort and Confidence All Day Long – (Free Pouch Bag)

  • CONFIDENCE - Wiesner Incontinence Clamp make life easier for people living with the condition. They do the same activities that people without incontinence do, which includes playing sports and sitting for long hours. 
  • COMFORT - The ergonomic design along with the multi size guides helps the patient stay comfortable while providing the correct blood circulation.
  • COST EFFECTIVE - The continuous use of the clamp allows drastically reducing or even eliminating the use of pads and guards, saving you lots of money on the long term.
  • TESTIMONIALS - “Wiesner incontinence clamps are well-made and comfortable to use! Very easy to sanitize, and it is so comfortable you forget you’re actually wearing it, I only wonder why my urologist didn't tell me about it”. 
  • FUNCTION - The incontinence clamp is an external device that controls urine leakage by compressing the urethra. The device is effective, comfortable and can be worn daily, during any type of activity.